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Bad Kitty


The overturned Canary cage and purple pump instead of the feather should turn you on to who this politician is. If that doesn’t clue you in, think about a scandal with someone who would fit the undergarment.

This painting is a great example of both Jeff’s sense of humor and meticulous attention to detail. Each individual hair has been painted in on “Bad Kitty”--all of which comes through on the Giclee Print.

Jeff had a penchant for using animals to portray humans’ well—animal--behavior. 


So while this piece is rather untraditional in content it is a quite classical example of ‘portraiture’ with the figure center stage surrounded by a few favorite, or in this case defining, events or items.



We  have this Limited Edition of 250 Giclee available on archival paper in the following sizes.


Small (image size approx 8"x10" )        $400

Medium (approx. 18"x24")                  $1700

Large (approx. 30"x40")                      $3500


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Waiting For Chickens



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