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Several times, when I was late with a column, Jeff would call to find out what I was writing about, so he could get his illustration done on deadline. Our conversations would go like this:


ME: I think it's gonna be about my dog.
JEFF: OK, your dog.
ME: And it doesn't see the snake.
JEFF: The snake?
ME: Right, a snake. On my lawn. The dog doesn't see it.
JEFF: Got it.


And with only that to go on, Jeff would produce, in an hour, a brilliant, perfect illustration, usually way funnier than the column."  Dave Barry


Jeff MacNelly and Dave Barry had a long and prolific relationship. Not only did Jeff illustrate Dave's Sunday columns for 13 years, he was also he illustrator for many Dave Barry books including; Dave Barry is not taking this sitting down, Dave Barry is not making this up and Dave Talks Back, among others.


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Alexander Graham Bell
Bad Kitty
Bert The Shirt
Brer Carter
Captain Ahab Retires
Captain Hook
Conch Republic Dog
Crime Report
Dinks Dreamboat
Dog Beach
Dog Fight
Dot Calm
Dufus Takes A Bride
El Gato Loco
Elephant (drawing)
Elephant (Party Animal I)
Ernest the Cat I
Follow Me
Gator, Gator, Gator & Crock
George Herbert Retriever Bush
Great Horn-Rimmed GoldWarbler
Jesse of Toad Hall
Lady Godiva
Lech Walrusa
Mario Koalo
Mario Sanchez Fine Arts
Models Take A Break
Mutt & Jeff
Party Animal II
Personal Trainer
Race Week
Red-Throated Castro
Right-Winged Thatcher
Stone Harbour
The Barrister
The Bodega
The Diplomat
The Relic
The Wrecker
Turn of the Century
Waiting For Chickens



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