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El Gato Loco


Lots of people come to Key West to write the Great American Novel. The owner of El Gato Loco—a classic Chris Craft--was among them. He bought the boat, made the bamboo outriggers and just like Ernest and fished and fished without catching anything significant for months.

One Easter the owner invited Jeff, his wife Susie and I on a ride up to a lovely little remote island up the keys called Little Palm for the weekend. We decided to do some fishing along the way.



 We got seven miles out, rigged up and put the lines in off the bamboo outriggers, John joking all the time about the futility of fishing. Lo and behold a few minutes later a seven foot Sailfish took our ballyhoo and leapt out of the water. Exciting! Except for Susie, being an animal rights activist. After a half hour of fighting we had managed to get the Sailfish near the boat when suddenly I realized, Jeff’s hands were too important to deal with the fish and John is a surgeon so no go there…plus…John wanted a photo op on deck, Suzie wanted us to let the poor creature go and Jeff just sat there fighting the fish and smiling!

Finally we decided to let it go. I found a pair of pliers to work the hook out of the bill as the fish did a sort of hula dance beside the boat. After being released the fish it followed us for a few spooky moments looking me in the eye.

As soon as we arrived at Little Palm, I went straight to the tackle shop and found out that all you have to do is cut the leader.



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Large (approx. 30"x40")                      $3500


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